Integrated Technologies, a division of Trimble, is a market leader of high-precision GNSS positioning solutions and intelligent, robust, industrial wireless communications that maximize productivity and enhance profitability for our customers.

Integrated Technologies offers a range of precision OEM GNSS boards that provide multi-frequency and multi-constellation capability. Trimble’s proven technology utilizes all available satellite constellations for fast and accurate heading and centimeter-level real-time positioning.

Wireless communication products from Integrated Technologies provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links that are easy to configure and deploy and designed for high performance and maximum productivity. They operate with high over-the-air data rates and are housed in rugged, waterproof enclosures that withstand the harshest environmental conditions. OEM radio modules are also available for some products.

Integrated Technologies leverages a wide range of communications and GNSS technologies to serve a broad cross‐section of major markets with its scalable communications and precise positioning modules. Some of these markets include survey, autonomous vehicle guidance, energy, agriculture, robotics, avionics, port automation, marine, mining, and oil and gas.

Our solutions offer continuous positioning with high-accuracy GNSS and high speed, long-range data links for wireless communications. Industry professionals trust Trimble communication and positioning technologies as the core modules embedded into their products.